Can’t do it anymore…every time I see you with another guy it kills me…I just can’t

I’m jealous and I don’t have the right to be…I’m angry and hurt and just miss you already. Falling for you hurt knowing the fact we could have never worked out but I don’t regret it one bit. I’d do it again tomorrow if I could. I can honesty say I loved you and getting over you might be the hardest thing I would ever have to do..but with all the jealousy pain anger I’m feeling I’m still happy for you. Knowing you’ll be happy is at that really matters to me. I’ll always be here waiting for you…

I hate the fact we can’t be together…I hate that I have to hide how I feel about you cuz I don’t wanna hurt you…I hate you act an try not to care when we both know that the thing we want the most is each other…I’ll never get used to seeing you with someone else and I’ll never like the fact you try so hard to not like me..I wish we could just put all the bullshit aside as just be us…not caring what people said or thought as long as we were happy..but I guess i have to get used to you trying to not care, trying to pretend you don’t have feelings, trying to make us never happen…but a part of me believes one day I will get that date and when that day comes i won’t let you go..


My better half. Always there for me and the one person that made me feel whole again. She brought me up like no one else could and she made me feel like I thought I never would again. We became so close and I liked everything about you…smile, personality, and you played ball. We had so much in common number 5, played ball, like doing the same things list goes on and on. I felt like we were soul broke down the walls I built and made me fall for you…you will always be my tease, shawnaw, bestfriend, better half and the girl I fell in with….but age won’t let us be together…I don’t really care much for it cuz I care that much about you but I guess you have other ideas…I just hope one day we can both be happy…if it’s us being together or you end up with some other guy…I just want you to be happy and successful like I know you will…love yah